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Artist Statement

My paintings and drawings are process-oriented.

I use intuition to guide my decision making, without establishing a sense of the what the finished work will look like, as it would withhold the satisfaction of creating a work previously unknown to me.


The work is developed through several drafts, beginning as sketches on paper. I respond to the image and alter it intuitively, until it bears no resemblance to the original drawing. My abstractions have been exercises to study color and composition, searching for more experimental forms of drawing that can translate into my paintings, which deal primarily with the concept of entropy. I devise a skeletal composition based on a system of symmetric patterns that are then disrupted and fragmented. The system of conventions that I set up for every piece are disordered into chaos by the combination of drastically different artistic languages.


My work is about the pandemonium of contemporary life and the constant disarray brought forth by a superfluous influx of information that we experience everyday. It also explores how various technologies of information-sharing effects our own thoughts, ideas and communication with one another.

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